Intermittent fasting


The first four days skipping dinner were the most difficult, i did have considerable hunger even though my dinner were light. Maybe because i have never fasted before, but surely the body will adapted to it. I had less hunger henceforward. I was doing 16/8 intermittent fasting all these days, i.e. fasting from 6pm to 10am next morning (16 hours). From Day-1 of fasting i felt better about my energy, a new found stability in energy (earlier i would feel low when i didn't eat on time). There was no loss of energy (we aren't talking physics here), i had all the energy i needed (Which i realised in like 3 days of fasting , it's all in the mind that you feel weak if any).

The biggest benefit i would say i got from intermittent fasting is no anxiety, or at-least i would say it reduced it by 90%. The constant debate of the past and the future in the head is no more. I don't know if the rumbling stomach distracted me or something changed in my body/brain. I feel so much better, this one reason is enough for me to possibly never quit on this fasting diet.

Because of the stable energy throughout the day, it has become easier to do things. I am no more dependent on the my environment (food and time for food). I have more time now, it's one less meal a day. I get a long stretch of time to work productively. Moreover, i don't feel much tempted to eat snacks now, plus i eat a bowl of fruits now (and actually like to do so, last i liked it was when i was going to gym). I believe fasting has also made me insulin sensitive (can't explain why it is good for me here).

Now i only eat 2 meals a day. Due to social reasons, i had to start skipping breakfast instead of dinner. So, my fasting time are from evening (6/8pm) to 2pm next day. Essentially, i eat the "breakfast" with a fruit bowl and the "lunch" as dinner. (Unrelated: My mother thinks i will die any day because i am skipping breakfast). Also, i can't / don't each much carbohydrates now; i couldn't finish a single chapathi some days ago. My body probably expects more energy from fat rather than from carbohydrates. Eventually i will push the 2pm lunch to evening and combine these two meals into one. I will post an update when i will achieve one meal a day if i can.