Effects of fasting



I have been intermittent fasting for about one and a half months for now, along with a low-carb diet. I did have 2-3 cheat days but have been otherwise consistent with the fasting and the diet. Although i initially planned to go OMAD (one meal a day / 1 hour eating window), i didn't feel it as necessary, i can see considerable change with just intermittent fasting for 16-18 hours. Albeit i pushed my eating window as low as 3 hours (i.e. 21 fasting).

With fasting i have lost a lot of weight and fat; i didn't weigh myself but the change is very true. Lost enough weight that i could feel bony in some parts but doesn't make me fit either, still have little unnecessary fat. This is probably because i am not exercising much. On the days that i do exercise, i can feel some muscles through the skin which were otherwise hiding under a layer of fat. I have learnt how many places human male body stores fat as result.

With the low-carb diet, i wanted to incorporate some high-fat food but i still can't find many sources for it in my diet. The fat i eat are mostly coconut oil, eggs and some dairy like cheese (not a fan of diary). With this diet and fasting i don't feel much hungry; so i am not overeating. I have almost eliminated sugar from my diet, and now i feel like i am clean of drugs (i didn't realise how addicting sugar is). Although eating sugar does give your brain a kick of glucose when needed, i can very well stick with the other fuel 'ketone bodies'.

Many people on keto diet (low carb - high fat) describe a general feel of low energy; some term it as 'keto flu' and this true. I do generally feel a little low in energy, but this not related to strength or energy required, it is just a feeling. I am not surprised either, this is just your brain missing the high sugar doses which you enjoyed previously and now the body has to burn fat for energy. I think i will forget this feeling gradually.

Also some people complain about muscle loss while fasting. I don't think it is true. I haven't experienced any. If people doing the same things physically as before fasting, there shouldn't be any muscle loss; the muscles should be intact . Some people may have confused some fat as part of the muscle. Of-course loss of fat is visible, you may look small losing the fat, but you can maintain the mass replacing the lost fat with muscle with regular more exercise.

That's all folks!